Spend the next 90 days mastering the holiday season

This 90 course is an independent class in which you will get a series of daily prompts, activities, & assignments to help you buid a foundations and stabilize your brand so you can succeed this holiday season.

You will also have two LIVE class lectures with million-dollar tee brand owner, Kalilah Wright. Lectures will be hosted via Zoom, with replay access included.

topics Covered


Assess your current process and procedures


Reach your customers, even in a saturated market and time period


Improve your customer experience and presentation


Achieve smooth inventory and shipping product management

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Kalilah Wright

Founder of popular t-shirt company, MESS in a Bottle, Kalilah started MESS with less than $500, growing it into a multi-million dollar company in less than 5 years. Her t-shirt company has numerous celebrity partnerships and her brand is positioned amongst the largest retailers in the world, Walmart and Target. 2020, MESS ina Bottle was mentioned b Oprah Winfrey in association with ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things’. Celebrities such as MArk Cuban, Lena Withe, and Serena Williams are supporters of Kalilah’s t-shirt brand.

Students Say

Tee Class was EVERYTHING! She gave us so much background knowledge. I learned so much and it was much more than I expected!

Laura Nicely

Since the first e-book, Tee Class has helped me so much. I had my first 5-figure month and I’m just so thankful!

Brian Manon